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We’re proud of the value we create for all our stakeholders, and strive to communicate our performance in a clear and timely manner. Download the latest reports, or stay up to date on various metrics of our market performance here. If you have any queries not addressed here, please feel free to get in touch with Investor Relations on our Contact page. 


Observe Medical ASA was listed on Oslo Børs 4 November 2019. Our ambition is to provide shareholders, analysts and investors simultaneous access to accurate, clear and relevant information. We aim to make all our communication to the financial market available on this web site. 

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Observe Medical ASA: Interim report second quarter and first half year 2020

Oslo, 18 August 2020 – Observe Medical ASA (OSE: OBSERV) today released its interim report for the second quarter and first half year of 2020. The company’s initial product, Sippi, a unique and proprietary solution for digital automated urine monitoring in hospitals is in an early stage of commercialization. The company confirms its market estimate…

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Financial calendar

  • 03.11.20

    Quarterly Presentation - Q3

  • 23.02.21

    Quarterly Presentation – Q4

  • 30.04.21

    Annual Report

  • 12.05.21

    Quarterly Presentation - Q1

  • 21.05.21

    Annual General Meeting

  • 20.08.21

    Half-yearly Report

  • 03.11.21

    Quarterly Presentation - Q3

The Share

Share performance


Last updated 9 September 2020

NameNumber of shares% of top 20% of totalCountry
1NAVAMEDIC ASA 4,222,727  26.03%21.54%Norway
2INGERØ REITEN INV. COMPANY AS 3,939,394  24.28%20.09%Norway
3RO, LARS 1,450,000  8.94% 7.40%NORWAY
5ARTAL AS 897,407 5.53% 4.58%Norway
6ALPINE CAPITAL AS 645,000 3.98% 3.29%Norway
7NORDA ASA 516,570  3.18% 2.63%Norway
8TRANBERGKOLLEN INVEST AS 500,000  3.09% 2.55%Norway
9LEIKERANE AS 466,666  2.88% 2.38%Norway
10SOLEGLAD INVEST AS 461,668 2.85% 2.35%Norway
11LAPAS AS 336,924 2.08% 1.72%Norway
12MP PENSJON PK 262,025  1.61% 1.34%NORWAY
14BUKKEVIK INVESTERING AS 140,000 0.86% 0.71%norway
15BJØRNTVEDT, VEGARD 134,358 0.83% 0.69%norway
16GINNY INVEST AS 128,894 0.79% 0.66%Norway
17BJØRNTVEDT, EIVIND 127,000 0.78% 0.65%norway
18KATHRINE GAMBORG ANDREASSEN 125,000 0.77% 0.64%Norway
19ABC INVEST AS 120,000 0.74% 0.61%Norway
20NORDNET BANK AB 115,916 0.71% 0.59%Sweden
Total numBer owned by top 2016,225,011100.00%82.76%
Total number of shares19,605,457

Basic share data

Stock Exchange:


First day of listing:


Trading Currency:


Number of shares issued:

Nominal value:

Oslo Axess


4 November 2019




19 605 457

NOK 0.26


Nomination committee

The Articles of Association provide for a nomination committee composed of two or three members. The current members of the nomination committee are Bernt Olav Røttingsnes (chair) and Grete Hogstad.

The nomination committee is responsible for nominating candidates for the election of shareholder-elected members and chairperson to the Board of Directors and for nominating members to the nomination committee, as well as making recommendations for remuneration of these. 

For nomination committee please contact: 

Björn Larsson, Chief Executive Officer
+46 766 201 725 /


IR contact

Björn Larsson, Chief Executive Officer
+46 766 201 725 /

Per Arne Nygård, Chief Financial Officer
+47 41 10 43 45 /

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