Sippi - A new Standard


Sippi is a unique, single use, digital urine meter which measures biofilm build-up via non-contact capacitive sensors, delivering high constant throughput, and incorporating hourly diuresis, data storage and automatic emptying.

Introducing a digital automatic single use system to the market has many positive effects for users and patients.

The most obvious are: Accuracy, time saving and ease of use. More subtle effects are increased safety in terms of bacterial infections.

Nosocomial infection in the urinary tract is a common challenge with catheterized patients. The management of nosocomial infection is not only troublesome for the patient it is also a burden for staff and the hospital’s economy. Positive effects of using Sippi are twofold. Since the Sippi system is automated, manual handling of the system is minimized, as this is itself a source of bacterial infection. Uniquely, Sippi both hinders and detects any early biofilm formation, which is the growth matrix for bacteria. Sippi warns the staff when the disposable unit has to be changed, avoiding the risk of bacteria migrating above the system into the urinary tract of the patient.


​Measurement technology
Volume measurement is performed using capacitive technology. The sensors are placed in the base unit adjacent to where the disposable unit is attached. Without the need for direct contact, the sensors detect the presence of urine in the disposable units inflow chamber. The Sippi base unit calculates a measurable urine flow from the change in capacity that occurs when liquid enters the disposable unit.

Range 0–2000 ml/h
Operating temperature_ The product should be used at normal room temperatures and is not suitable for outdoor use.

Update time
The measuring system measures continuously and updates the visual information once per minute. Pressing the trend button once provides an instant overview of the total measured value.

Measurement resolution
1 ml.

Power source
3 alkaline batteries, size AA.

Battery life
4-6 months under normal use.

Temperature range: 10°C to 35°C, up to 95% relative air humidity.