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Magnus Emmoth


Observe Medical was founded in 2009 by Magnus Emmoth, Michael Charléz and Michael Löfgren. Based on their prior experience in sales and product development within medical technology the three founders identified a clear need for modernization of urine measurement within intensive care.

Development and prototyping of Sippi® was initiated in 2010. In 2011, the first patent for the product was approved, and OMI also received ISO certification for the development, manufacture and sale of its products. In 2012 the first base unit was fully developed and in 2013 Sippi® received FDA approval for sale in the U.S as well as CE marking for sale in Europe, starting the commercialization process. The first system was sold to intensive units in Sweden and Denmark in 2013 and in 2014 commercialization towards Germany started.


In parallel with the initial launch period there happened to be a rapid development in the use of patient data management systems (PDMS) in the hospitals in the Nordics and in several major countries in Europe. Such systems are delivered by major IT companies like GE Healthcare and iMDSoft and the systems are either proprietary or open source based. This resulted in the immediate demand for the development of a second generation of Sippi with wireless integration with the PDMS systems. This was a demanding task and the system called Sippi®BLE 2.0 was launched in Q2 2019.