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Observe Medical is a Nordic medtech company that develops, markets and sells innovative medtech products for the global market. The company is committed to improving patient welfare and outcomes, increase clinical data accuracy and promoting positive health economics.

Solutions for global challenges

Observe Medical has a global network and reach and commercialises proprietary and innovative medtech products. With a growing portfolio of products on the market and expanded portfolio for direct sales, the company has a solid platform for further organic growth through targeted M&A.

Observe Medical signed milestone agreement with Unomedical

Observe Medical has signed an agreement with Unomedical (which are ultimately owned by Convatec Group Plc), following the entry of an exclusivity agreement in October 2022. Pursuant to the agreement Observe Medical acquires the trademarks and other intellectual property rights relating to state-of-the-art urine measurement products known as the Unometer™ and Abdo-Pressure™ products. The Transaction is a significant step forward for Observe Medical as it expands its product portfolio and strengthens its position in the market.

The Unometer™ portfolio holds a strong market share of around 80-90% in Europe’s urine measurement segment. Known for its high quality, it’s a leading brand in Europe and beyond, selling over 5 million units annually. This acquisition is also expected to expand Observe Medical’s reach, by connecting it with over 600 sales channels in more than 50 countries, enhancing Observe Medical’s current medtech portfolio (including Sippi™ and Biim Ultrasound™).

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