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“Navamedic Medtech's vision is to develop innovative medical technology products that benefit patients and healthcare professionals.”

We at Navamedic Medtech have one strong credo: We help our customers and their patients through the design of innovative medical devices. From our office in Gothenburg, we serve the European market with products manufactured in the EU. Our ambition is to produce locally and act globally.

Sippi – a new standard

Navamedic Medtech are proud to release our first product to the healthcare market. Sippi is a unique, single use, digital urine meter which measures biofilm build-up via non-contact capacitive sensors, delivering high constant throughput, and incorporating hourly diuresis, data storage and automatic emptying.


Sippi is fully automated, without the need for manual supervision.


The only fully versatile collection system on the market with an intraluminal biofilm inhibitor.


Sippi's capacitive sensor system for detecting surface degradation.


Sippi's proprietary technology for impeding biofilm formation.

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